Fix Clipgrab Error Code 403

Are You looking for a guide on how to fix Clipgrab Error Code 403 error? Follow the below step by step tutorial and guides on Clipgrab Error Code 403 Error Code solution. When using ClipGrab to download movies from Youtube, several users note that this thing frequently gives the error number 403. This HTTP status indicates that connectivity to the particular request is prohibited.


After further investigation, it was discovered that this interruption might be caused by a number of various underlying reasons. The following are some of the most plausible scenarios:
  • The website is currently unavailable — As it seems, you may expect to run across this problem if a permitted streaming giant makes a modification that violates ClipGrab’s streaming mechanism. In this instance, the only option is to simply wait for the engineers to repair the problem on their end.
  • Another common cause of this error number is an obsolete ClipGrab version which is unable to use the current streaming protocol mandated by the developers. Because ClipGrab doesn’t have an update feature, you’ll have to manually delete the latest release before downloading the next accessible release.
  • Security interference – You may get this error message if your security program has recognized ClipGrab as a possible security concern owing to a false detection and is proactively blocking it, by several impacted customers. In this scenario, you may either disable sufficient security or create a keyword filtering rule for ClipGrab to fix the problem.


Now that you’ve identified every possible cause of this mistake, here are a few approaches that will almost certainly help you resolve the problem:
  1. Check The Status Of ClipGrab

Take into account that because Clipgrab is self-developed, it is vulnerable to breaking whenever a compatible platform such as YouTube, Dailymotion, or Fb makes a modification that violates the downloading protocol. Considering the tiny team behind this one, the 403 warning is likely to happen till the engineers respond and adjust to the modifications — this has occurred before, and the problem was rectified. So, before you try any other possible cures listed below, proceed to ClipGrab’s Twitter and see if there are any public updates about a continuing issue. One useful location to look for a continuing ClipGrab problem is the online ClipGrab help forum — if you see that the other clients are experiencing the same problem that you are, you can reasonably assume that the problem is really beyond your grasp. If you don’t discover any proof that the 403 failure in ClipGrab is caused by a server problem, scroll down to the very first possible solution below.
  1. Update ClipGrab

If the previous inquiry revealed that the problem cannot be linked to a server problem, the next possible source of the problem must be your present ClipGrab version. ClipGrab is likely to break anytime Vimeo, YouTube, and the other supporting services alter their broadcasting protocol, as earlier mentioned. Even though the designer quickly resolves the problem, you must still wait for the improvements to appear on the Mac or Pc. Because ClipGrab doesn’t have an AutoUpdate feature, the only way to make sure you’re using the most recent build is to delete the old one and install the new one from the main website.
  1. Prevent The Security Suite Interference

If you’re getting the 403 issues on a Windows PC, it’s quite likely that you’re having trouble obtaining the youtube.dll, which would be required while using ClipGrab to capture video from YouTube. However, you may anticipate this installation to fail since the standard security suite incorrectly flagged ClipGrab’s main application as a possible security concern. Thankfully, numerous impacted customers who were also experiencing this issue indicated that they have resolved the issue by whitelisting the core ClipGrab application or removing real-time protection while running ClipGrab.