Fix Error Code: L-120

Are You looking for a guide on how to fix Error Code: L-120 error? Follow the below step by step tutorial and guides on Error Code: L-120 Error Code solution.

Error Code: L-120 Explained

Epson is an electronics manufacturer. It is among the world’s major manufacturers of printers, optical devices, and information technology. The firm is most known for its printers, but it also offers a wide range of items in a number of nations. The printer problem where both “Main” and “Error” Lights flash constantly will be described in detail.


We chose to study the problem after several reports from diverse customers and created a series of remedies to totally resolve it. We further checked into the possible causes of this problem and came up with the following list.
  1. Jammed Paper

In some situations, some paper may become stuck within the printer, causing the screen printing to become stalled. This inhibits the printer from functioning properly and may also result in failure and power lights blinking continuously.
  1. Stuck Printer Head

The printer head may encounter resistance when traveling across the tracks in rare instances. There’s a risk that a stray item or a shard of printer material is obstructing the passage of the tip. If the head cannot travel over the tracks, the fault is triggered.
  1. Paper Pulling Sensor

The paper pulling mechanism may get disconnected from the base in some situations, resulting in the paper not being brought inside and the warning is triggered.
  1. Encoder Sensor Issue

There’s also a possibility that either of the Encoder Sensing devices has been affected, either completely or partially. The sensors may be filthy in some situations, causing the warning to be issued. We’ll proceed on to the approaches since now you have a fundamental knowledge of the original problem. Ensure you follow the steps in the exact order that they are listed.

Solution 1: PowerCycling

The printing process may be halted in rare situations owing to a printer malfunction. As a result, we’ll power cycle the printer at this phase.
  1. Take away the adapter from the power supply.
  2. For about 30 seconds, hold down the “Power” key.
  3. Reconnect the electricity and push the power key.
  4. Try printing something to see whether the problem remains.
All subsequent solutions will necessitate the removal of the printer’s cover. This could invalidate your warranty, or might permanently damage your machine. Be cautious when taking the next steps.

Removing the Printer’s Lid

  1. The shell of the machine is held together by six screws.
  2. It’s possible that a few of the bolts are hidden behind the “warranty” markings.
  3. Loosen all of the bolts, the inks, and the case by exerting pressure on the joints.

Solution 2: Removing Jammed Paper

There could be paper jams, causing the process to become stalled and the warning to appear. As a result, when you open the printer, look for and release all paper jams within. Check to see whether the problem remains after the paper jam has been removed.

Solution 3: Checking for Resistance

It’s possible that a stray item or a fragment of damaged plastic is lodged inside. As a result, be sure that nothing is obstructing the printer’s ability to work correctly. Disconnect any loose objects that aren’t linked to the machine from the machine and check if it solves the problem.

Solution 4: Cleaning Encoder Sensors

There are about 2 encoder devices. The first one is the tape encoder sensing device on the head’s moving rail, while the other one is the circular encoder sensor. Be careful when cleaning each of these with water and a wipe. Before proceeding, make sure there is no water leftover. Verify whether the problem continues after the clean-up.

Solution 5: Checking Paper Pulling Sensor

The paper pulling mechanism might become disconnected from the base in some situations. Check if the paper pulling mechanism is securely fastened to the base and is drawing the paper. Examine whether the problem remains after you’ve adjusted the sensor.